Red Eye Riders

Red Eye Riders motorcycle club.

Worst customer in 28 years.

I trusted this guy because he had bought a number of things for the company he works for, and always picked up and paid right away.

So, when he came here in October of 2023 wanting emblems and rockers for his motorcycle club, I ordered in the supplies and started to work right away. I didn’t even ask for a deposit up front. My mistake.

Lots of digitizing here. Multiple layers of tackle twill on black sports felt. 83,444 stitches total for each set. Ten sets. That’s getting close to a million stitches here, everyone.

After their meeting on November 6, the guy promised me he would pick them up and pay me the next day. He didn’t show.

He won’t reply to messages. Even to tell me to go F myself.

So, here is his order in all its glory.

Maybe he’ll swing by right before Sturgis next summer when it’s important to him? Should I change his invoice from $866.75 to maybe $1000 because he’s an asshole? Should I apply them to some yard-sale jackets and then donate them to a homeless shelter? Or, should I just throw them away and make him (in addition to his pals) go to his bike rallies in a naked vest?

So many options…